Visitor Access

All visitors must gain access through the main entrance located at 2900 Royal Oaks Club Drive Houston, TX 77082. Visitors are required to show a valid Driver’s License and are only granted access to the community under the following circumstances:

1) An owner has listed the visitor as an authorized guest on their authorized guest list.

2) An owner has contacted Security in advance to provide authorization for the visitor.

3) Security makes phone contact with an owner or resident regarding an unannounced visitor, and the owner or resident provides authorization for the visitor to gain access to the community.

Requests from residents to update their authorized guest list providing authorization for visitors should be provided by calling Security at (281) 496-5299 or emailing Security at . Please allow up to 24 hours for email replies.

All motor vehicles, including but not limited to electric cars and golf carts, are required to observe the posted, community speed limit of 20 mph, comply with all traffic and safety signs, and must be driven by a person at least 16 years of age, who possesses a valid driver’s license. These rules are strictly enforced by security.

Visitor Management