Resident Access

Residents may access the community at the main entry off of Meadowglen or through the four vehicle gates located off of Kirkwood/Shirewood, Richmond/Breezewood, and north and south of Westpark. Residents can utilize the resident/member lane for access. EZ Tags or transponders are used to access the community at the unmanned vehicle gates.

Transponders and windshield decals are available at your local EZ TAG store. Owners are required to provide evidence of vehicle ownership (typically in the form of proof of insurance) for those vehicles that they wish to have decals and activated EZ tags or transponders for. If you have someone living in your household whose vehicle is not in your name, it is necessary to provide a copy of their state-issued driver’s license listing a Royal Oaks address along with their proof of vehicle ownership. This procedure is in place to improve security and prevent unauthorized access.

EZ Tags and transponders are recognized by the readers (large square devices that are smaller but similar in appearance to the overhead readers on the toll road) mounted at the vehicle gates. If access is granted, the barrier arm will lift allowing the vehicle access into the community through the gate. Tailgating is not permitted, so please be sure to wait for the barrier arm to close behind your vehicle BEFORE passing through the vehicle gate. This will discourage persons without valid EZ tags or transponders from accessing the community.

Requests for resident vehicle decals and gate activations (the term collectively referring to the activation of EZ tags or the issuance of transponders) should be directed to management by the submittal of a Vehicle Registration Form. Vehicle Registration Forms are available from management and posted on this website under the “Resident Access/Community Information” tab.  Upon the submission of a complete form, your gate activation should be activated the within 48-business hours following receipt of your completed form. Please note that when a new EZ tag is activated, the old EZ tag will be de-activated at the time.

After the new EZ tag is activated, begin trying it out on the community gates. If you experience problems getting access at one or more gates, please contact the management office to request assistance.

Residential employees (defined as housekeepers, nannies, and personal assistants that visit a home at least three days per week) may acquire residential employee decals from management upon the completion of a Residential Employee Decal Request Form, which must be signed by the resident employer and accompanied by the required administrative fee. Residential employee decals must be affixed to the windshield of the employee’s vehicle, are changed annually, and entitle the employee to use the resident lane at the main entry and the entry south of Westpark while a security officer is posted at this gate. Residential Employee Decal Request Forms are available from management and are posted on this website under the “Resident Access/Community Information” tab.