June 7, 2016

Dear Resident,

The New Traffic Rules and Enforcement Policy was rolled out last Friday, June 3rd. The Board and Security Committee have been reviewing the community’s needs as it relates to traffic enforcement, thus the Traffic Rules and Enforcement Policy was established.

Below is a summary of the new Traffic Rules and Enforcement Policy with the most notable change being removal of the first violation warning provision. A review of tickets issued in the last year revealed problems with tracking, increased administrative costs, and most importantly abuse of this policy resulting in difficulties with enforcement. Furthermore, the former policy only encompassed fines for speeding while the new policy allows the community to enforce its existing rules and to fine offenders for traffic and other violations occurring within the community.

The majority of the rules within the policy are violations consistent with state and local laws. The rules specific to Royal Oaks have generally been in place since the beginning of the community.

Below is a summary of the rules:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to stop at stop sign
  • Driving without a license
  • No License Plate
  • No Vehicle Registration
  • No Tailgating
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians or cyclist
  • Walking with the flow of traffic
  • Cycling against the flow of traffic
  • No Vehicle may be parked within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking a Vehicle in a manner that blocks or impairs the entrance to a building or access to a driveway or mailbox is prohibited.
  • No Vehicle may be parked within three (3) feet of the curvature of a corner Lot
  • Vehicles extended into the street when parked in a driveway
  • No Horizontal Parking on a driveway
  • No street parking between 2am – 5am
  • Vehicles not parked parallel to curb facing the flow of traffic
  • Parking head on into a curb or cul-de-sac is prohibited
  • Contractors, builders, service providers and delivery drivers may not park a Vehicle parallel or substantially parallel to a Vehicle on the opposite side of the street
  • No Vehicle may be parked adjacent to the curb of an esplanade
  • Parking a trailer, boat, recreational vehicle or camper that is not attached to a Vehicle by a trailer hitch
  • Parking a Vehicle on private property without permission of the Resident
  • Parking a Vehicle in whole or in part in a yard or on an unpaved area of a Lot
  • Parking a Vehicle in a manner deemed to obstruct or impede the normal flow of vehicular, pedestrian or bicycle traffic, or deemed to be unsightly, as determined by the Board

In addition, a formal appeal process has been implemented so that residents receiving a fine can appeal that decision. A 2 week grace period ending June 17th was put in place to allow residents time to review the rules before the new fine policy is observed. During this grace period, tickets will be issued as per the new policy but fines will be administered as per the current policy. Please take the time to review the new policy attached in the link below in its entirety.


Royal Oaks RCOA Management

Traffic Rules and Enforcement Policy Rec