Deed Restrictions

The RORCOA is entrusted with the important responsibility of enforcing the restrictions in the governing documents. Common restrictions include requirements on exterior lighting, the maintenance and upkeep of front and rear yards, home maintenance, parking and vehicles, and pets. To see that the handling of non-compliance issues is handled consistently throughout the community, the following general procedure is in place to notify owners of their need to comply with the governing documents.

1) The matter is noted on the monthly inspection of the community, or after inspecting a particular home in response to a complaint.

2) An initial letter is sent notifying the resident of the matter needing their attention and the deadline for it to be addressed.

3) If the matter is not addressed by the specified deadline, a 2nd letter is sent requesting the owner’s assistance in resolving the issue and a second deadline is given.

4) If the matter is not addressed by the deadline given in the 2nd letter, a 3rd and final letter is sent requesting the owner’s cooperation, notifying them of the levying of a fine and their right to request a hearing before the Deed Restriction Committee within 30 days of the date of the letter.

5) If the matter remains unresolved 30 days after the 3rd letter is sent, the matter is forwarded to the Association’s legal counsel to address.

6) Please note that some restrictions, such as the enforcement of the community speed limit and rye grass overseeding, have specific enforcement procedures outlined in the appropriate policy that differ from the foregoing procedure.

Letters sent are not meant to be adversarial or create anxiety. These letters are sent with the goal of maintaining the community-wide standard, which impacts property values, the desirability of the community, and harmony between residents. Please know that the management staff is committed to working with you in resolving issues you are contacted about, so please keep the following in mind if you receive a letter.

1) It is certainly possible that a letter could have been sent to you in error or the timing of the inspection was such that the item noted was resolved shortly thereafter. In these instances, please don’t hesitate to call management and request a re-inspection or to get additional information. If an error is made (such as an address that is transcribed incorrectly), the letter will be removed from your record. We apologize in advance for these occurrences.

2) If you aren’t sure how to resolve an issue brought to your attention, don’t hesitate to call management. We are more than happy to help you in providing additional information and direction in bringing closure to an issue.

3) Don’t hesitate to suggest revisions to the correspondence you are sent, which you think might soften the wording and still keep the message of the correspondence intact. Your suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

4) We realize that some delays (e.g., weather, material deliveries, and contractor schedules) in meeting a deadline are outside of your control. In most cases, extensions on deadlines can be given to provide you with additional time to resolve an issue.

5) Finally, please don’t take the correspondence personal. Correspondence is only sent to request compliance with a provision in the governing documents, which are legally binding on all owners and which all owners agreed to comply with upon the purchase of their lot or home in the community. These provisions are designed to protect and enhance the value of everyone’s property.